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Consistent Giving

Your consistent monthly or annual donation helps sustain the ministry’s operation and outreach.

Click here for all the information you’ll need to set up a recurring monthly donation through PayPal or your online banking.

To mail your consistent donation to Urban Purpose, send checks to:

Urban Purpose
PO Box 660373
Birmingham, AL 35226


Gift Your Assets

Your donation of a large asset such as stock, a vehicle, or a house allows us to make a large-scale impact on the lives of the people we work with.

For more information on this type of donation, call Jim McFarland at 205-296-2796.


Housing Initiative

Your giving towards the Urban Purpose Housing Initiative not only provides a safe place for people in need, it also surrounds them with healthy, supportive people who will walk with them through whatever difficult season of life they are experiencing.

We are continuously on the lookout for property that meets the crisis or transitional housing needs of our clients. You can donate towards the purchase or rent of these properties.

For more information about our current needs in this area, call Jim McFarland at 205-296-2796.



Click here to learn more about our four initiatives to build paths for the broken.
Our Sunday Meals are a great way for groups and classes to serve the needy here in our city.
  Click Here to meet real people beyond the labels.
Click here to learn more about how we walk with those in need in our city.

Urban Purpose | PO Box 660373 | Birmingham, AL 35226-0373 | Jim McFarland 205-296-2796 | Mark Jenkins 205-937-2870

Urban purpose is a registered 501C3.