"It is one thing to give of your time and energy to work in a shelter to provide for the homeless. This is a good and respectable thing. It’s a whole new level of commitment when one invests directly into the life of someone else for the long haul. This level of lifestyle commitment is written into the DNA of Urban Purpose. With goals of spiritual wholeness coupled with practical tools for rehabilitation and renewal, this ministry strives to help the needy not only to get a new foothold in life, but to be able to walk confidently as a New Creation, where old things have truly passed away and all things have become new."
– Michael Adler
  "I was down and out and it looked like everything I was trying to do was falling apart. Then, last year, I met the folks involved with Urban Purpose. They began talking to me about going to recovery and encouraging me that I could do better and really get my life back together. Ever since I got into a recovery program, my life has turned around. This is the best thing that has happened to me and I just can’t thank them enough."
– Will Holland
"The time our sons have spent serving with Urban Purpose has been an investment in eternity. They have learned so much more than we could have taught them at home."
– Amy Orr
"My involvement with Urban Purpose has opened my eyes to the pain of homelessness and has jump-started my eagerness to share the Gospel."
– Brian Johnson
"For me, Urban Purpose has been both an answer to prayer and a tremendous blessing. What started as a Sunday afternoon activity has grown into a priority for my family."
– Chris Dyson
"My perspective on interacting with the homeless has been forever changed through Urban Purpose, and I know many of the homeless by name, and they know me. It’s this unique relationship building that makes it impossible not to want to go back every week; they are no longer just a face on the street, they are an individual with personal struggles and successes that God has put in my life to impact not only them, but me as well."
– Alex Golden
"A year ago, I was on the streets and living with addiction. In January of 2010 I met this group, Urban Purpose. They helped me get into recovery, helped me meet God, and experience real life change. Urban Purpose has been so good to me and my life has really turned around."
– Tim Dial
"Urban Purpose provides a way that I can participate in ministry and missions, alongside my entire family, in my own city. They bring opportunities to meet the physical needs and the spiritual needs of people who live less than 20 miles from me, changing not only their lives, but also my life, and my children’s lives."
– Alex Childs
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