A lot of people who have mental health issues that haven't been properly treated have trouble holding a job... they have trouble maintaining the relationships in their lives... it ultimately leads to them being homeless.

Kim had everything she could possibly want growing up...

She lived in a nice part of town, went to a good school, and always had nice things. Her family seemed normal from the outside. But on the inside, it was fairly cold and distant. Kim made good grades and performed well in sports, but she didn't really develop emotional maturity over the years.

She often cried herself to sleep, but learned how to put on a mask during the day. She figured getting married and having kids would fix things, but they didn't. People would think something was wrong with her if she sought help, so she bottled it up and tried her best to fake it.

People see a caring wife and mom, but in reality Kim is a person trying to self-medicate her depression because of the stigma surrounding mental health. She could be your mom, best friend, Sunday School leader, or even... you.

Help the most vulnerable among us get the treatment they so desperately need.

Helping the hurting get back on their feet isn't just about pointing them in the right direction. Long-term change requires both right direction and right thinking.

Your support provides counseling and care for our homeless brother who desperately wants to start working and the single mom who needs to learn how to better care for her little ones. Your gift fills the gap between leaving recovery and starting a new life... a gap we see so many fall through when this crucial piece of support is missing.