Hangout Times – Every Monday and Wednesday 1pm-3pm


Oct 4 – Worship Night (7:00pm)

Oct 13- Georgia vs LSU

Oct 18- Movie Night (6:30pm)

Oct 23- Redemptive Dinner (6:30pm)

Nov 3- Alabama vs LSU

Nov 10- Auburn vs Georgia

Nov 18- Haircuts

Nov 22- Thanksgiving Meal (2:00pm)

Nov 24- Iron Bowl

Dec 1- SEC Championship

Dec 4 – Redemptive Dinner (6:30pm) & Worship Night

Dec 13- Street Thought

Dec 23- Special Christmas Lunch (3:00pm)

what to do when...

A homeless person asks me for money? My loved one is an addict? I meet someone suffering from mental illness?

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