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Safe House Rent


When a person struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction signs up for a local recovery program, the waiting list is often 2-6 weeks. By paying one month’s rent at our Safe House, you will help someone enter a recovery program in the safest, most stable condition possible.

Two Weeks of Bus Passes


Transportation is a regular obstacle standing between men and women getting a job. Your donation will provide two weeks of all-day passes to people taking part in our Jobs Program, which will allow them to get to work each day and show their commitment to finding long term employment.

Compound Rent


The Compound is our space in downtown Birmingham where we host Redemptive Dinners, Hang Out Times, watch major sporting events, and give our friends on the streets a place to do laundry and relax. Your donation will cover a month’s rent at The Compound and help us continue to provide a safe, uplifting space where we can build more relationships with those in need.

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Warriors are growing the Compound into a place where our friends on the streets can come to relax and see that they’re cared for and loved. Warriors expanded our mental healthcare services exponentially in 2018. Our Jobs Program changes lives because of Warriors.

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Redemptive Dinner


Help us host sit down, catered meals for our homeless population at The Compound so that they can enjoy the feeling of dinnertime with family.

Compound Refreshments


We want the Compound to be a place where people can relax and feel at home. Help us provide snacks for a Movie Night, Ball Game, or one of our weekly Hang Out Times.

Mental Health Care


We require everyone we work with to see our licensed mental health care partners on a regular basis because we have found this helps them truly change their life inside and out. Your donation will fund one month of mental health care for one of these people.

Jobs Program Crew Leader


We believe in providing more than just employment through our Jobs Program. Our partners have created healthy contexts complete with supervisors and co-workers who are committed to the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of men and women in vulnerable situations. One of our greatest needs is to hire more crew leaders so that our partners can hire more vulnerable people hoping to change their lives. Your donation will help fund a crew leader’s salary for one month.

One-Day Work Opportunity


Sometimes people just need a temporary job to meet smaller financial needs like paying for bus passes, phone cards, and driver’s licenses. When you give towards this need, you can help someone stay off the street, find secure employment, and more.

Jobs Program Trial 


We evaluate someone’s responsibility level and work ethic through a 2 week employment opportunity before referring them to our long-term employment partners. With this donation amount you can help someone get started on the path of full-time work in a healthy environment.

Emergency Housing


When people come to us in crisis, we immediately get to work meeting their basic needs. This donation amount provides short-term shelter for someone in need.

Long-Term Housing


People working to get back on their feet often need help maintaining stable housing. This donation amount covers one month of the housing needs at our Women’s Transitional Home.

Crisis Supplies


When people come to us in crisis, we immediately get to work meeting their basic needs. This donation amount provides for some of the common items people who suddenly find themselves in unstable situations need, like clothing, groceries, and more.


When you give towards our work in Birmingham, you’re funding a ministry uniquely equipped to respond to real people by building real relationships. We can’t thank you enough for your support. We couldn’t do this work without you!

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