the compound

For over ten years our Sunday meals served as an open door for people to meet Urban Purpose. The Compound expands our outreach opportunities as we bring people together, meet needs, build relationships, and offer healthy choices to the homeless in our city. Check out current opportunities to join us at the Compound here.

The Compound gives us space to…

• Host sit down meals for our homeless population so that they can enjoy the feeling of dinnertime with family
• Bring people together for major sporting events like the Super Bowl, Final 4, and the National Championship
• Host weekly hangout time with people who need healthy, safe, and consistent relationships
• Provide basic healthcare checks and wellness services to the most vulnerable in our city
• Equip the economically vulnerable with financial management skills through classes and mentorship
• Provide fitness classes that promote healthy lifestyle changes for those who don’t have the resources to prioritize their wellness

Transitional housing helps us…

• Protect people from negative influences, isolation, and poor decision making
• Surround those struggling with addiction with godly influences
• Provide structure and accountability for making healthy choices
• See them maintain sobriety with a strong mind and a clear outlook
• Demonstrate our desire and willingness to walk with them as they develop new life skills

We provide stability and accountability for struggling individuals who have completed a recovery program or are experiencing temporary homelessness, food insecurity, or unemployment. We support the individuals in our transitional housing program as they work through life-changing decisions, maintain sobriety, and gain job skills through steady employment.

transitional housing

jobs program

The impact a job has on someone who is working towards rebuilding his or her life cannot be overstated. At the same time, we are painfully aware of the challenges many people face when trying to find and keep meaningful employment. So we partnered with Taproot Landscaping and Marathon Electrical. Both of these enterprises are on a mission to be an integral part of this rebuilding process.

The Jobs Program allows us to...

• Provide healthy contexts with supervisors and co-workers who are committed to the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of men and women in vulnerable situations
• Teach the value and reward of a hard day’s work.
• Hire additional crew leaders, which will give Taproot the ability to employ more people who truly desire to get back on their feet
• Create one-day work opportunities to meet small financial needs like bus passes, phone cards, and driver’s licenses.
• Evaluate someone’s responsibility level and work ethic through short-term (1-2 week) employment opportunities before referring them to our long-term employment partners
• Provide multiple long-term positions to those who show a genuine desire to remain in that particular field of work.

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