Become A Warrior

We call you Warriors because your support of Urban Purpose keeps us on the ground doing our work day in and day out… without red tape.

We call you Warriors because you make big commitments… and keep them.

We call you Warriors because we need you fighting alongside us.

In the first half of 2018 alone, Warriors provided more mental healthcare than ever before in the history of our organization. Warriors made the National Championship, Super Bowl, Sweet 16, and Final Four parties at The Compound happen… not to mention our regular Redemptive Dinners.

Because of Warriors’ monthly giving, The Compound continues to grow into a place where our friends on the streets can come to relax and see that they’re cared for and loved.

At the beginning of 2018, we signed a new lease on a Transitional Women’s Home in West Homewood. It’s already proven to be a safe, structured, and caring environment for a number of women this year. Warriors make this new initiative possible.

Our Jobs Program continues to expand and make an impact. One of the best stories so far is of a man who came to us after spending the last 25 years in prison. He’s been a part of our Jobs Program for the last month and is doing incredible work. These life-changing work opportunities are supported by Warriors’ monthly donations.

Your continued support allows us to join with men and women in the fight of their life. Our desire is for them to know they’re valuable and loved, not because we say so, but because they were created in the image of our great God who poured out His life for them. When you give your resources as a Warrior, you fight alongside them.


To become a Warrior, click the Donate Now button below and choose to make a recurring donation of $50 or more a month.

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A homeless person asks me for money? My loved one is an addict? I meet someone suffering from mental illness?

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