Rebuilding Lives in Birmingham, AL - Urban Purpose

Building relationships, meeting needs in crisis, and rebuilding lives in Birmingham, AL.


Urban Purpose exists to build relationships with those in need throughout our city, surround them with safe people, and offer healthy options for them to utilize in the journey of rebuilding their lives.

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People are worth fighting for

We believe that everyone, regardless of countless mistakes, bears God's image and is full of value and dignity. 

careen's Story:

WILkes' Story:

bruce's Story:

Careen got tangled up in gangs and violence early in life, but always knew he wanted something different. Eventually, he made a decision to do whatever he could to make it out. 

Wilkes grew up in a good home but fell prey to the opioid crisis after a stay in the hospital. His addiction took him down a dark and dangerous path, but after numerous chances he began to rebuild his life.

Bruce Taylor is the President of Marathon Electrical Contractors. They partnered with Urban Purpose in the very beginning and understand the need to give people a second, third, and fourth chance.


what to do when...

A homeless person asks me for money? My loved one is an addict? I meet someone suffering from mental illness?

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We provide the resources and relationships – in equal measure – that struggling individuals need to get back on their feet.

Sunday Meal

Each week we come together with local churches and volunteers to build relationships with homeless men and women.

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the compound

Our facilities in the heart of downtown Birmingham allow us to meet physical and mental needs, build relationships, and offer healthy choices to the homeless population.

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safe places

We provide crisis housing for men and women in difficult circumstances as we work to find more sustainable options.

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job opportunities

Our Jobs Program demonstrates the value and reward of a hard day’s work in a uniquely supportive work environment.

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We meet people through referrals, our weekly Sunday meals, and events at The Compound.  

We get to know people and assess their struggles, circumstances, and needs as we build relationships with them. 

We develop a personalized plan for each individual we work with based on the unique challenges he or she is trying to overcome.

We surround people with community and accountability as we walk with them through the process of getting back on their feet.

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