Urban Purpose, a Christ-centered ministry, empowers homeless and hurting individuals to reach their full potential by offering life-changing relationships & services.

When you know someone’s name, when you sit with them and you share a meal, and when you hear their story, then the doors open for us to do some pretty incredible things here in our city in caring for people that are desperate to know how much they’re loved.








We meet people through referrals, our weekly Sunday meals, and events at The Compound.  

We get to know people and assess their struggles, circumstances, and needs as we build relationships with them. 

We develop a personalized plan for each individual we work with based on the unique challenges he or she is trying to overcome.

We surround people with community and accountability as we walk with them through the process of getting back on their feet.

our process


meet people where they are


sunday meal




single mothers

chronically homeless

-Recovery program access
-Mental healthcare
-Long-term employment opportunity
-Transitional housing

-Safe people & places
-Mental healthcare
-Basic physical needs

-Jobs programs
-Childcare assistance
-Financial Management
-Long-term employment opportunity
-Mental healthcare

-Jobs program
-Financial management
-Long-term employment 

our story:

Urban Purpose began in 2009 with a trip downtown. We passed out coats, sleeping bags, hand warmers, and blankets to the homeless living under the I-65 bridge. We kept going back to provide firewood, meet basic physical needs, and share a meal. 

In the midst of laughing over jokes and swapping stories about hard stuff, we saw that all the resources in the world are meaningless if they aren’t offered alongside true friendship. As these relationships deepened, we also became increasingly aware of the complexity and depth of what our friends on the streets were struggling to overcome.

Urban Purpose was born out of our desire to provide good options for these men and women and walk with them through the long, difficult journey of regaining control of their lives.

We continually look for ways to support folks who are trying so hard to overcome trauma, addiction, and abuse as they work to get their lives back on track. We’ve grown from handing out food and blankets under the bridge to providing a full range of support for marginalized men, women and children in Birmingham.

We are so thankful to have you alongside us on this journey! We couldn't do it without you.

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